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  1. The Top Three Hottest WPT Players of 2013

    The WPT or the World Poker Tour consists of a series of tournaments that happen worldwide. The winners in these events are determined through their highest win at the end of the season as well as consistent high finishes throughout the entire season. The player with the highest points accumulated after the Tour ends is named the WPT Player Of the Year. This tour also designed the WPT Walk of Fame to recognize players who have played the game and taken it to its highest levels -like Doyle Brunson- ...
  2. New and Old Faces At the 2013 WSOP Final Table on November 9

    Poker's popularity has definitely skyrocketed through the years. Everywhere you look you'll see poker enthusiasts either joining cash games or registering at local tournaments at a casino where one can enjoy an exciting night of poker. A poker night among friends organized each week would not be uncommon. Popular poker tournaments such as the WSOP contribute greatly to the growing popularity of the game. Poker fans worldwide were recently treated to another thrilling World Series Of Poker (WSOP) season, ...
  3. How to Become a Poker Maniac

    When Phil Hellmuth was eliminated from the 2012 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, this is what his exit tweet said:

    “I’m out of the Main Event! Feeling tortured: Feeling sick…Maniac winning every pot w K-9 + Q-8 KNEW he would implode, BUT he busts me 1st.”

    Playing the maniacal style of poker can infuriate players and put them on tilt. It is also a style that is used by a lot of professional players with great success.

    The player that Hellmuth was referring ...
  4. Folding Your Life Away

    Most poker advice that you will receive concerns the act of aggression. Betfair Poker online often mirrors life and having aggressive traits will help you win more situations than you lose. But sometimes there are games where aggression will not be enough; sometimes you need to be content to just fold your life away.

    Imagine you are playing in a live dealers choice cash game. There are six of you in the game and nobody folds pre flop. The usual norm is for a series of calls before ...

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  5. Playing Ace King

    Big Slick is one of the most appealing yet dangerous hands in online poker. While there are few hands better in the ranking of poker hands, it’s not a complete hand unless you connect with the board. Indeed, for all its pre-flop power, ace king will still lose to a pair of deuces if it doesn’t improve post-flop.

    The best way to play ace king is to be as aggressive as possible pre-flop. At every opportunity you should raise and re-raise and, if possible, move all of your ...
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