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The Top Three Hottest WPT Players of 2013

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The WPT or the World Poker Tour consists of a series of tournaments that happen worldwide. The winners in these events are determined through their highest win at the end of the season as well as consistent high finishes throughout the entire season. The player with the highest points accumulated after the Tour ends is named the WPT Player Of the Year. This tour also designed the WPT Walk of Fame to recognize players who have played the game and taken it to its highest levels -like Doyle Brunson- who won the tour in 1976-1977 and Gus Hansen. For people who enjoy playing poker online at online poker platforms such as the one offered by online gaming giant Bovada, the names on the list below are indeed familiar faces for those closely observing the events in the poker circuit today.

David Rheem is the champion of the 2013 WPT championship having defeated Erich Lindgren. He won the cash prize of $1,150,297. This win raised his total live poker tournament winnings to over $7,100,000. His previous win was in August 2011 where at the Holden tournament he earned $1,000,000. He is from California and has participated in various World Series of Poker events -like in November 2008- where he cashed in $1,772,650 and in the WPT season seven where he got to win $1,538,780.He has in the duration of the WPT earned two titles, two final tables and four money finishes.

Eric. A.Lindgren took the second position beating Jonathan Roy and winning $650,275. He is an American professional player who has had two WPT titles and earned more than $7,000,000 in tournaments. His first tournament win was at the Bellagio in 2002. Later on, he won the WPT Party Poker Million III Cruise earning the $1,000,000 prize. As if that did not satiate heís desire for the throne, he won the World Series of Poker circuit event in Atlantic City in 2005, followed by a massive win at the Professional Poker Tour Tournament. In January 2006, he finished third in a WPT final table game at the 2006 Borgata Winter Poker Open. He has continued to play consistently over the years proving his worth on the poker table. His total live tournament winning has exceeded $9,150,000.Even with speculation on the table due to their debts and Erinís gambling addiction, these two champions were able to still retain the coveted top positions.

The third champion was Jonathan Roy who took home a win of $421,811. He came on top of David Peters (who took sixth position) as well as Brandon Steven who took the fifth position. He went ahead to depose the fourth winner, Matt Hyman. Jonathan Roy is a Canadian national with a total live tournament earning amounting to over$1,946,537. He had in the previous year taken the WPT Montreal championship and won the cash prize of $785,000. This enabled this twenty six year old to earn a seat at the 2013 WPT World Championships in Las Vegas.

These champions have played for years and it seems practice is perhaps the secret behind emerging victorious at the WPT main event championship. Poker is based on strategy and the better you get at it, the more the wins accrue in your favour. Just like other games, WPT players have had debts and gambling addictions but have gotten past it. For an amateur player, exposure is important and that is why enables a beginner to learn how these games are played. The most common are: Texas Holdí Em, Omaha and the 7 card stud. Gambling beginners also get to learn the rules of the game and can access them directly through various online casinos. They can also interact with other poker enthusiasts. A player can also get to practice and play free online poker without the risks of losing any real money. In addition, access to the WPT tours and live updates are advanced to gamers.

You can also gain access to software meant for poker players to download. It is free and is compatible with most of the window based PCs. Visiting reputable poker rooms will give one directions on how to become part of the WPT leagues, forums and information on upcoming effects. There is also a page on Face book that is the official World Poker Tour amateur Poker League page. With WPT poker training, one can watch poker online and see how the professionals play the game. Practice is perhaps the top secret of WPT main event champions and with seeing what a professional does, one can factor in such experience into their game-play.

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