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    Is it worth joining a training site to learn about poker?

    I've been playing poker since June of this year and am doing my best to take it seriously. Started out well but things have gone downhill recently. It seems the more I learn and try to apply, the worse I get! Think I'm trying to second guess people too much, convinced they must be bluffing.

    Anyway, I'm thinking of getting some training and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations? I've heard of dragthebar, cardrunners and Poker Zion. Does anyone have any experience of these or are there any other training sites you would recommend?

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    Yeah, it is definitely worth it. There are some good sites out there, and some good video series.

    I mentioned Poker Zion because i personally like their approach. Where they present a poker concept, and then give you examples at the tables. i guess maybe those are more classroom type videos.
    And they present a new concept each week, and at first i didn't really love that, because i have to wait a week for the next installment. But it actually is kind of beneficial, so the material can kind of sink
    in a bit, and you aren't overwhelmed with new ideas.

    I've never gotten a lot out of the 4-6 table sweat type videos, where you can't even follow the action, and have no idea what table the guy is talking about. If they can keep the number of tables down to 1-2 then it isn't so bad,
    and can be helpful. But it really is personal preference, some people i'm sure prefer those type of videos.

    But basically i've learned something from each site that i've tried. Some poker sites have promotions where you can earn a free membership thru rake, so maybe check into that.
    I know if you play on Carbon, you can earn a free month of Drag the Bar by raking so much etc. I think you have to manually opt in on the Admin page.

    i don't know what game you play, but if you play cash games, you may want to look into Leakbuster. It will help plug leaks obviously, but also has a lot of full length training videos that will correspond to the leaks
    you are showing. And some written content also.
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    I feel it is important to get some poker experience. Do not just depend on 1 or 2 websites. Use a search engine and try to get various websites.

    U’ll do fine. Best of Luck!

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    I am agree with TenTon. At now I'm a member at Cardrunners, and Poker Zion at the moment. I found Poker Zion through the Leakbuster software. They have regular videos, but i signed up for their training course called "the roots". You can get a free training session from here.



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